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All you tumblr peoples, Check out my tumblr blog @ I've started posting more doodles and work in progress stuff there so no promises of quality :)
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The past year passed real fast and now it's time to make plans for the next decade. There was a neat thread in the PA:AC about new year resolutions and here's a list of things I hope to get better at during the next year.

1. Draw/Paint something every day
2. Finish 1 painting each month
3. Learn to better use color theory
4. Build variability to portfolio
5. Do at least one blog entry to my comic blog each month
6. Learn Flash/ActionScript to use as a tool for user interface design
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  • Reading: Engineer's Cook Book
  • Watching: Pan's Labyrith
  • Eating: Bread and Tzatziki
  • Drinking: Coke Zero
Thanks to everyone who's paid a visit.

My summer is going fine by the way. I'm working and trying to make some comix happen. But now to sleep so I might get to work early once in a while.
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  • Playing: tekken 3
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  • Drinking: milk
This spring looks like a very busy one indeed. I've got 36 points worth of studies lined up. On top of that I'm working on my first proper comic album. So, I'm not really sure why I'm doing this but I've figured I could do a couple of small commission pieces.

So there are three slots available and I'll update them once I get a request.

[Slot 1] : Reserved
[Slot 2] : Open
[Slot 3] : Open

I accept PayPal for international money transfers and for the finnish payment by bank transfer to my account will do also.

And some basic rules about these.

You can basically ask for anything but I won't accept requests that are against my own moral perceptions.

*Slots 1 & 2 are for a wallpaper comission
     +pricing 20 EUR/25 USD
*Slot 3 is a digital painting comissions
     +more detailed piece than the previous
     +pricing 40 EUR/50 USD

These will be available for the whole spring or as there are free slots.
  • Listening to: Kate Nash